Friday, March 28, 2014

My English Study Club at school (an introduction)

hello everyonee.. so now im finally gonna write about one of the most valuable things ive had in my very awesome days of highschool.. so on my previous posts, u guys mightve noticed how simply awesome my highschool and how valuable it was for me.. on of the things that have contributed so much to that, was a school club that i got into.. which was called ESC or English Study Club. As it says on the label, its a students club where we study english.. well tbh ESC at my school was very different than those in other schools which i think is a very good thing.. coz in my school, we dont actually "study" english, like grammar, punctuation, texts, andd all that, but we do debate, yeah debating is like the very primary thing that we do in ESC.. which i actually didnt even realize when i first signed up for the club. i actually had a very rough beginning at first.. the story, is actually a very very long one.. but ill try to make it brief without leaving anything important..
so first of all, how i exactly had the intention to sign up in the first place, was not actually 100% my personal willingness.. tbh, it was my mom (which i seriously need to say thanks to) who was the one that keeps on pushing me to stay in the club, and maximize the potentials that ive got..
when i first signed up for esc, i also had 4 of my classmates who also signed up and kept me company in the club, we used to eat together afterschool, and then got into esc together in the afternoon.. but then as time goes by... staying in esc itself, was a really tough thing to do.. u know, as young high school students, the time consuming work, and tasks we got from esc gave lots of those who signed up a lot of pressure, and most of those people just couldnt stand it and slowly resigned from the club.. including my classmates..yes, one by one they all started to resign, this was a very critical point for me, seeing all my friends leave makes me also want to leave esc for good.. but then again, it was thanks to my mom that kept holding me back, and persuading me to stay in esc saying that its for the best.. as time goes by, a room that used to be filled with like more than 20 kids.. now, esc is only left with like 5 kids from my year including myself..

and that... is when the real story begins, alot has happened since that day, and over the three years weve spent in esc.. there was lots of tension, lots of sweat, hardwork, but also lots of fun, lots of excitement... and tbh, id NEVER ever regret signing up for esc and staying there.. because esc with all the seniors and friends that it gave me, it has really gave me ALOT, WAYYY MORE than what i expected, and what i was actually hoping for in the beginning... its gonna take forever if i had to tell the story of esc one by one, maybe i might write about it later on in the future, but to sum up, within the 3 years ive spent with esc, i would never regret a single day i spent inside it. It gave me things that i could never be able to repay enough for, and its changed me alot in a very good way.. Thank you esc, for all the harsh work and training, for all the fun and games, for being a part of my highschool, for being a part of my life.. i can never thank you enough for what you have given to me. Most of all, thankyou Allah for making it happen to me, because honestly, this was not all what ive planned at the beginning, but Allah gave me so much through esc, than that of what ive actually wished for. Im very glad i stayed with esc till the end, and in the future, ill always have a reason to visit once in a while, when im not too carried away with other wordly matters.. thank you to my english study club, at sma negeri 3 pontianak..

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My thoughts for the upcoming indonesian legislative election

hi guyss, o yea firstly i just wanted to say that i just had one of THE BEST afternoon nap i had since a VERY VERY long time... u know.. coz of being busy with architecture stuff and all hehe. so aaanywayss... when i woke up, i checked my social medias and found all these people talking about the upcoming legislative election indonesias going to have in early april.. sooo i decided to do some thinking to wake me up from the nap lol.

so heres what i think

Personally, I think that most people dont even realize how expensive democracy really is for populous developing countries.. Democracy isnt really that simple.. Administration, identification, ratification, and other representative-collective procceses are costing the country trillions of government funds each year..and we all know where government funds come from.. YES the citizens themselves, sadly even those barely earning enough even for a loaf of bread on the dinner workers... This is why us citizens should always make maximum involvement in political and democratic policies the government holds. Otherwise it doesnt only mean a major negligence we make towards the society's including the major lower class's billings each year to make up for the funds, but also the funds will only go to waste for a meaningless "ritual" every period. The election is a very good example of this. And Indonesia is a very good example of a populous developing country.

goodluck indonesia! who ever gets chosen as the country's leaders this year, always know that personally, Ill always be there for you hehe <3 i love you Indonesia! :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

High Grade Generation (HIGEN)

High Grade Generation or HIGEN for short, is what me and my friends (all the year 12 students.. class of 2013) like to call ourselves. well honestly, i dont even know who or what came up with that name. but its just like one morning all these people were like screaming and shouting, calling -out higen and like higen was everywhere. i mean like, spraypainted everywhere in school. lol.

higen is the name of my "angkatan" in senior highschool.. i dunno what "angkatan" is in english, i think its "generation" but the word doesnt seem to fit somehow... anywayyys but u guys all need to know, that my senior highschool days were LIKE THE BEST! why? one of the reasons is because there are very good people in my school. and i get to be a part of higen too. i mean, we did alot of things that i just cant explain how great they were. from 10th grade to 12th, its been really valuable years from me. ive learned alot, had lots of new and great experiences. from PDK, to school's anniversary.. from ESC to ROHIS.. and MPK..
oyea and one important thing.. is that higen, my angkatan... we're really close to each other, i mean that like very rare to happen. but even now, i can even remember all the names of every single on of the grade 12 students of 2013.. and im not even good at remembering things lol

mann i just wanna say thanks, thank you HIGEN, thank you to everyone whos played a part at my highschool days, they were really super awesome, and i know that it HAS changed me ALOT in a good way for sure.. and i dunno how to express how much i will miss u guys later on.. thank you higen

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gadjah Mada University!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UGM!!!! or.. gadjah mada university!!!! .. YES GUYS!!! I MADE ITT!!!!!! MY DREAM UNI SINCE I WAS A KIDD...!!! omgomgomgomg...... YESSSS... this is sooo great, u dont know the crazy things ive been through lol.

so it all started ... that night, was a really really sleepless night.. coz i know, that my brain knew.. what my heart has been itching to know..(lol) that tomorrow.. was THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF SBMPTN RESULTS!!! yes the result of the test which would determine my one true DESTINY, my future~~ my university life, my JOB MY CAREER.. and MY LIFE AS THE DESTINY'S CHILD~~~ lmao.
yes it was gonna be an epic day tomorrow and i couldnt wait. soo yeah i finally got to get to sleep at the end lol.
from my previous post u guys mightve known that i wanted to get to UGM, one of the top 3 universities in indonesia.. as a kid from sman3 pontianak, getting into ugm through snmptn was like almost impossible, and we sman3ptk kids would have to go through the hard and tough journey of sbmptn. for me, going through sbmptn was like the most epic and hardest month of studying i had in my whole life, for that month i was really studying properly, and sidelining everything else appart from the important stuff like religion. my friends were asking me to go on a holiday and have fun with them, but i rejected, in the name of STUDYING and sbmptn!! so for me, getting satisfactory results were very very hoped for..

*next day*
o yeah this is the day... and the announcement was gonna be at 5pm i think. so i had a really hard time preparing my self for that moment lol.
at the afternoon, i prayed Ashr on time.. I took a shower, i changed my clothes, combed my hair.. doing all the necessary preparations needed for me to read the announcement.. and it was finally like 4.50am .. oh my Godd 10 more minutes !!!!!!! i opened the internet, i checked up twitter and facebook to see who else is online, coz like thousands of indonesian kids would be on right now to see their results too.. and it was all just epic. twitter was full, everyone was on facebook, and on facebook i found my friend radin who was also waiting for the announcement lol, and i had a short chat with him.
and then there it was... 5.00pm !!! my heart was beating fast. and i opened the webpage for the announcement... i filled up the form, and all i need to do to see my result was to click the red button.. but somehow it seemed soooo hard to click it lmaoo. i chatted radin on facebook and was asking him like " have you opened it? WHAT UNI DID U GET INTO??"  and he was like... in a calm way,, "i didnt get into UI ;) " ... and i was like.. oh no.. im sorry dude... then he was like . " i got into UGM :)" and i was like woooooooooooooo!!!! omg congratz!!@!@!@!@ .. and i quickly checked twitter and there was all these people some happy some sad, some were being random.. and i was like omg im gonna have to open my result sooner or later... but firstly... i called my mom and dad, i read Quran, and i made some doa's hehe.. and here it goes, i clicked the red button and a nooby pict showed.. it read...


omg guyysss i got into UGM!!!! UGM ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL!!!!!! omg i was sooooo happyyyyy!!!!! i couldnt say a thing, but thank Allah. it was such a big deal for me. i couldnt wait. people were congratulating me on twitter,, on my phone, and huaaa :) :) :)
thank you Allah, thank you mom and dad, thank you to all my teachers :'), all my family, my friends, thank you YOU GUYSS!! for always being there for me, for making me who i am right now :') i couldnt express enough gratitude.. to show all of u how i really love u guys.. and from that day onward, i would be destined.. to get through a productive life.. and do good to everyone, and be a positive influence on the world lol

since that day onwards.. Sayyid Habibullah an Indonesian kid, from SMAN3 Pontianak, officially.. a student of Architecture, at Gadjah Mada University..Alhamdulillahirobbilalamiin.. and for tomorrow, the days after and onwards, Bismillahirrohmanirrohiim.. :)

*sorry for the long post guys*

Im back~ (again) (i think)

Hi guys, well its been a really long while.. i know that ive said that ill be making regular posts in my previous thread, and yes i know that i havent been keeping my promise.. but its all because ive been reaaaaallyy busy lately guys, well u know, sbmptn, adapting to the new uni life.. orientation days..and a whole loads more! ive been itching to write about them but i havent really got the time yet. so u mite all be wondering how i did at my tests and how my life has been over the days? ;) ..(i know u really dont, but u guys could at least pretend to :'(.. so yeah) .. well all i could say now is that my life has been better than ever! theres so much stories, theres sooo much fun and excitement and everything!!! keep in touch if ur curious to know lol

Saturday, May 4, 2013


 kay right now im in jogja.. or yogyakarta.. or daerah istimewa yogyakarta.. or DIY for short.. haha YES its JOGJA dudeee.. hehe currently im living in a "kontrakan" with my older bro.. away from the rest of my family and friends in pontianak :'( . Yes, i came from pontianak. i was born there.. its my hometown which i love very much :') hehe coz its got awsome people, lol.
some of u might be thinking.. wtf? wtf is yogyakarta, wtf is jogja? WTF is PONTIANAK? is it a name of a fruit? haha heck no.. pontianak is not a name of a fruit.. well, im an indonesian :) .. im currently living in indonesia.. sooo.. yogyakarta or jogja , and pontianak are names of cities in indonesia :D , if ur curious to know, just look em up in google lols.
soo back to the story.. why did i move to jogja? well right now im 17 y.o and guess what? i've just graduated from highschool. yay! highschool was great, it was awsome, it was fullysick.. actually my highschool was beyond fullysick.. and graduating.. well ill save that story for later, just remind me lols (that is even if anybody is going to read this anyway) . hehe so bottomline for now, i graduated from highschool.. and now im going for collage.. which is exactly the reason why im here.. in jogja.. and any indonesian would know, that jogja is like the holy city of education, students, collage and stuff.. there are many reasons for that.. so my parents told me to stay in jogja here for a couple of months.. so that i could take lessons.. and prepare my self for the SBMPTN .. or the selection test to get into collage, or university .. people say that the test is going to be crazy as hard.. its wayy tougher than the national exam which i just went through last month.. harshly :'( .. o yeah i mite write about that later on hehe.

soo the point is.. im in jogja.. taking lessons.. preparing myself for the selection to get into collage.. wish me luck guys!! anyone whos reading this wish me luck! i need tons of it :'(
o yea, my goal is to get into UGM or gajah mada university, rank 3 in whole of indonesia for top university. its ganna be hard, tough, and bone cracking! lol... "bonecracking".. lol.. haha wish me luck guys!

I'm back

hii guys, im baack.. well actually.. since i havent really wrote alot of entries since i made this blog in 2011.. so i guess it doest really matter.. hehe..
so to start of, let me introduce myself.. my name is Sayyid Habibullah .. yup, its an arabic name, you can call me sayyid.. coz my friends call me sayyid.. my families call me iid, and some of my friends call me iid just to annoy me.. ugh. .. well if youre wondering, my name is very meaningful btw :') .. sayyid means "khalifah" or leader in arabic, and Habibullah comes from the word Habib, which is dear or loved one in arabic, and ofcourse Allah.. which is God. and yes, i'm a muslim and proud.. and thats not a reason to hate me. haha so now u can conclude yourself what my name means :) yup its very meaningful, my mom and dad gave it to me n im proud of it :) . love u mom and dad :3
well enough with that. lol.
hmm.. after reading a few of blogs made by my friends (no mention) i have decided that it would be nice to start making entries so that i could read them back later in years :') hehe bottom line, i might start making entries from now on.. maybe once a week.. every sunday.. once a fortnight.. or whenever i feel like lols.
feel free to comment what ever you like, i dont like haters, but if u hate me well thats your choice. haha. i dont like hate speeches, but it doesnt mean that you have no right to hatespeech lol, but im reaaly gonna appreciate the good stuff. kthxbye :)